‘The US Has Been at the Root of the Undemocratic History of the Congo’

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      Brief intro:


      By Janine Jackson  – January 2 2019


      Janine Jackson: “He’s Handing Over the Presidency, but Not Necessarily His Power,” was the coy headline the New York Times chose for their version of an interview with Joseph Kabila, the president since 2001 of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country has elections coming up soon, but Kabila has previously refused to step down in accordance with the country’s constitution.

      The Times says Kabila recently surprised a gaggle of Anglophone journalists, first by agreeing to be interviewed for the first time in about a decade, and then by letting slip that he could see himself returning to power in the future.


      And since corporate media coverage of all African nations combined doesn’t amount to more than that given a Trump tweet on a good day, that drive-by image may be all many Americans have to go on.

      What should we know about upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the historic and ongoing role of the United States? We’re joined now by Maurice Carney, co-founder and executive director of the group Friends of the Congo. He joins us by phone from Washington, DC. Welcome back to CounterSpin, Maurice Carney….

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