The US is now sending offensive weapons to Ukraine

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      What we know about US bunker busters sent to Ukraine

      Allies in the West keep sending their emergency assistance to Ukraine, including extraordinary amounts of lethal weaponry, as Russia continues threatening a mass invasion.

      Since 2018, Ukraine has been no stranger to Javelins, with the weapons becoming the holy grail of Ukraine’s defense community. But the delivery of new M141s, also known as SMAW-Ds, was met with a special interest, as an exotic novelty for Ukraine.

      So what do we know of these U.S.-made bunker killers now in service of Ukraine’s defense against an aggressive military power?

      SMAW-Ds are single-shot, shoulder-launched weapons designed to crush field fortifications and hardened structures.

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      If I was Putin I would take out every offensive weapon sent to Ukraine by America/NATO as soon as it was emplaced, and dare them to send their soldiers next, knowing that they wouldn’t because they are gutless cowards who only want Ukrainians to suffer for their insane warmongering.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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        No – I will stop that thought. Too many of those scenarios end up with too many dead people.

        If I were Biden, I would take all the weapons back and make financial support for Ukraine contingent on implementation of the Minsk accords as they stand and as the UN Security Council, including the US, approved unanimously in 2015.

        I would also ask Putin if he will move his troops inside his country further from the border with Ukraine once this is done.

        But then, I believe I am not evil, like to believe my brain works and that I have empathy for other people.

        I will also say I am VERY glad I am not Vladimir Putin – too many decisions that really do affect the world.


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