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Home Topics in Depth Science And Environment The White House Has Released A Plan To Deal With An Asteroid Impact By Jonathan

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    The White House Has Released A Plan To Deal With An Asteroid Impact By Jonathan

    The White House Has Released A Plan To Deal With An Asteroid Impact


    By Jonathan O’Callaghan
    06/01/2017, 14:51


    One day, we are probably going to be faced with a killer asteroid heading our way, threatening to cause major damage to the planet. The odds just aren’t in our favor.

    To prepare for such a day, the White House released its Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy on December 30, 2016. It details how to stop such a disaster ever occurring, and how to act if worst comes to worst, and we are hit by a large asteroid.

    . . .

    There are several institutions set up to track these asteroids – such as NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO) – but most agree we are not doing enough. We know of thousands of near-Earth asteroids, but more than two-thirds remain undetected.


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  • GZeusH (1714 posts)
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    1. Let me guess

    I have to buy asteroid insurance from a marketplace of insurance providers, and I will get a pittance to help me with the monthly premiums, right?

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    • Fairgo (72 posts)
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      3. The deductible is going to be harsh

      but you will have  a range of options.  There is the basic Bronze Crater package which covers direct impact. The Silver Armageddon package extends coverage to death and disability caused by the concussive force on the planet with optional coverage for engulfing fire, tsunami, earthquakes, hell holes, plagues, pestilience, and any other act of a vengeful god. The Platinum Frozen Wasteland package offers premium coverage for life, health, disability, and property for the survivors. It literally guarantees full, immediate, and free access to every extant support services in civilisation, within walking distance of your cave.

      • Judi Lynn (5795 posts)
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        4. They all sound so wonderful! Can't wait to cash in.

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    2. Climate change will fucking destroy the planet…

    long before an asteroid will.

    Notice how little is being done about climate change, except talk.

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