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    Poultry giant Sanderson Farms Inc. on Monday reported the first case of a worker at a major U.S. meat producer testing positive for coronavirus. The employee and six more from the McComb, Mississippi, plant were sent home to self-quarantine, with pay, but operations continued as normal.

    A few days later Smithfield Foods Inc., the world’s biggest pork producer, confirmed a positive case at its Sioux Falls, South Dakota, facility. On Friday, beef producers in Canada and Argentina shuttered plants after virus cases.

    In all likelihood, the number of cases will keep going up at meat plants, farms, warehouses and packaging factories across the globe.

    The infections speak to a growing threat to the world’s food supplies. Massive operations where workers pick berries together, cut meat side-by-side on a production line or load warehouse trucks in sometimes close proximity risk slowing down. Some facilities may have to shutter for cleaning and worker quarantines. Produce could end up rotting in fields if there aren’t enough healthy workers.





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    Ohio Barbarian
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    If food processing plants are shut down, then there will be food shortages in the cities, and BOOM! There’s your revolution, or at the very least, lots of looting and rioting. These plants need all the help they can get to stay open, and the workers producing the food need to be protected as much as possible and given hazard pay on top of a living wage.

    If food prices go up some, then raise our pay or benefits so we can afford it. Use MMT and magical money, just like they did the bail out Wall Street.

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    I’ve heard that Tokyo people are feeling a pinch, but where I am things are still normal, except that face masks are hard to come by.

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    David the Gnome
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    For about a year.  As I recall, there was a big lunch meat plant called Morrels, something like that.  Lots of seasonal labor, I remember seeing a lot of Mexicans at the bank, sending most of their pay home to their families.  A lot of them worked there – a lot of them were missing fingers, or hands.

    It was very unsafe, but they said the pay was good – sixteen years ago, some 15 bucks an hour.

    Not sure how it has changed since, but I imagine there is less seasonal labor.

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