The Working Class Lost the $2 Billion Powerball Lottery

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      Snort McDork
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      The staggering $2.04 billion lottery jackpot sold in Los Angeles County made headlines this week, with the ticket holder now holding the title of first lottery billionaire. 11.2 million additional ticket holders across the country also won cash prizes of various amounts. The seller of the winning ticket, 75-year-old Joseph Chahayed, told media that he would split the money among 11 grandkids. The New York Times reports that California public schools will receive $156 million in funds as a result of this big lottery win.

      While we don’t know personal details about the $2 billion jackpot winner, most media coverage of the Powerball comes across as a feel-good story that encourages regular people to dream of joining the billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg who dominate our news cycle (and our political system).

      However, the recent media frenzy over the Powerball has done little to expose the predatory quality of lottery companies or the ways in which lotteries effectively function as regressive taxes.

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      Babel 17
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      Back when Mario Cuomo was Governor, he announced his cunning plan to deprive heroin smugglers of the means to buy their drugs. He said that the profit that was made from running numbers was used to bankroll that operation. For some reason it wasn’t thought that the profits from selling heroin were enough to generate more buys. lol

      But whatever, Governor Cuomo pushed the idea of the state run lottery as the way to put a hurting on heroin middlemen. Long story short, spoiler alert, selling heroin remained a sustainable business.

      But the state lottery was a great resource for jobs for those who were politically connected, as too was off track betting when it took off. That got run into the ground due its overhead.

      But at least our schools get all the profit from the lotteries! Lol, not so much, it turned out.

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      with the idea that it’s a tax (often said to be a tax on stupid people). Because I’ve gotten lottery tickets before. Am I stupid, too? I could spend $2 on a bottle of Dr Pepper, but the carb-load is insane. I’d rather get a little bit of fun from a ticket or a scratch off (which have been better at winning for me) for the same cost. At least I’m not spending thousands of dollars on places like Disney World or cruise lines.

      The people-to-cake ratio is too high.

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      Babel 17
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      OK, same idea behind Bingo as run by Churches, I guess. Let people have some fun without having organized crime involved.

      But why the advertising then, and having the ads appeal to people’s desperation, and dissatisfaction with life? Why not just a sign, “Lottery tickets sold here”, and leave it at that?

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        Utopian Leftist
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        is there more profit in misery than in satisfaction.

        More profit can be made from people’s misery than from their empowerment.

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       that encourages regular people to dream of joining the billionaires like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg


      I doubt most people buying the tickets were dreaming of that. Probably just dreaming of paying bills and maybe being able to retire.



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