‘They’re Going to Lose,’ Says Sanders as Corporations Mobilize Against $3.5T Bill

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      Sen. Bernie Sanders has expressed confidence that congressional Democrats will be able to overcome an aggressive corporate lobbying campaign against their popular $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal, which special interests are aiming to strip of climate investments, Medicare expansion, taxes on big businesses, and other key progressive priorities.

      “These guys don’t lose,” Sanders (I-Vt.), the chair of the Senate Budget Committee, told the Washington Post earlier this summer when asked about the lobbying effort. “They’re going to lose this round.”

      The Post, which published Sanders’ remarks on Tuesday, offered a detailed look at the “massive lobbying blitz” that corporate America has launched in recent days in a bid to water down—or kill entirely—the reconciliation package, a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s economic and climate agenda.

      The range of big-name corporations involved in the campaign—from the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to the fossil fuel behemoth ExxonMobil—reflects the potentially far-reaching scope of the nascent reconciliation bill, which could allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, reverse former President Donald Trump’s corporate tax cut, institute paid family and medical leave, strengthen workers’ rights, and establish a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants.

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      I don’t even have the enthusiasm needed to actually pay attention, at this point.  I will assume the worst; no point, really, in doing otherwise, unless I was shilling for Dems for the next election or something like that.  IMO the Dems would much rather have campaign shit about well, we wanted to do it, but the GOP stopped us than to actually do anything for us.  And now the Dems have made blaming Dems like Manchin an acceptable excuse.  Well played!

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