This is a hoot (re: 4 Seasons Landscaping)

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      I hear they had a sod sale going on. trump wants to replace the carpeting in the oval for his second term.

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      but I think the mockers are playing right into Trump and his supporters hands. This “Four Season Landscaping” has a very familiar look to working class people. The fancy hotel that the “mockers” are so sure should have been used doesn’t resonate with working class Americans. This place does.

      This place looks like the kind of building I go to when I need my chipper/shredder worked on. When my snow blower wont start. When I need a small welding project done. What better back drop for a party that is openly trying to claim working class voters as their own?

      Mock this place if you want. But it will only prove Dems to be the party of rich urbanites.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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