This Is How Bad COVID Is Getting in Police Departments

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      One of the leading reasons those numbers have continued to explode among law enforcement officers is the lagging vaccine rates in the profession. Despite being among the first people eligible for the vaccine when it became available to most adults in the country, many police officers have opted out of getting the lifesaving shot and are even disobeying or fighting mandates to get vaccinated.

      A sheriff’s deputy union in San Francisco has already warned of a mass exodus of deputies over the city’s mandate. Unions in Tucson, Arizona, and Dayton, Ohio, have already tried to move forward with legal action. Most recently, the president of New York City’s Police Benevolent Association said he’s ready to take legal action over the city’s vaccine mandate.

      “The profession is very hardheaded,” Dr. David Thomas, a retired police officer and justice studies professor at Florida Gulf Coast University, told VICE News earlier this month. “It is a profession where historically someone has to die before there is change. It’s scary, but it’s true.”

      But the surge of the Delta variant and the resultant strain on hospitals around the country has also pushed police leaders in some cities to take a firm stance in support of their officers getting the vaccine. Just a day before the local union announced it’s poised to take legal action, the head of the NYPD, where 60 officers have died of the virus in the past year, spoke openly in support of the mandate this week for the first time. Despite the losses among its ranks, just 47 percent of the department’s employees have been vaccinated.

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      Right now, COVID is selecting for the stupidity gene, if it can also select for the brutality gene, it may end up doing humanity a big service.

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