‘This is not justice.’ Tenant activists upend U.S. eviction courts

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      “Miss Raynor, are you there?” asked Grate, a burly 71-year-old sporting a beard, a buzz cut and a rumpled, orange short-sleeve shirt.

      A booming voice responded: “This is not justice. This is violence.” Soon a chorus joined in: “Judge Grate, you are making people homeless! You are killing people!”

      The voices in the virtual courtroom of the Jackson County Circuit Court belonged to members of KC Tenants, a group that brought Kansas City’s eviction operation to its knees last month. The group is one of scores of tenants’ unions and anti-eviction activist groups in cities nationwide whose memberships have exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Housing experts liken their combative tactics to the rent strikes that swept the United States during the Great Depression.

      Some of these activists operate loosely under the umbrella of the Autonomous Tenants Union, which works to end evictions nationally. Others, like KC tenants, are independent. Their anthems are “Cancel Rent,” “No Debt,” and “No Evictions.”





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      Yesterday, Springfield, MO. enters the eviction racket. Missouri law gives tenants 30 days to move if evicted by a landlord. An easier way(apparently) is to take away the landlord’s business license. Some poor guy has 3 days to get his shit out. He’s poor, older and is disabled.

      What a shithole we live in.

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