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    Update on site issues: (1. replies now need a title *and* something in the message box, 2. certain links are causing strange pop-ups on Apple devices, and 3. Some folks can't type anything into the text box.) Basically, a series of unfortunate events set us back on testing. We'll get to it as soon as we can, and hopefully things can get fixed by this weekend if not before.  More info: https://jackpineradicals.com/boards/topic/site-problems-more-info/

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    This isn't an urgent request or question *Fixed – didn't see one*

    But the message light in my area has 1 highlighted in yellow as though I have messages?  I’ve gone through my inbox, but I can’t figure out what message it refers to?  :shrug:

    Not an emergency by any means, just wondering, that’s all.

    Edit: Nevermind, I found it.  I was a message that slipped through the cracks because I was getting a bunch of PM’s and it rolled over into the next page.  Mea Culpa, no action needed.

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