This pretty much sums it up.

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    I’m far to the left of Bernie.

    I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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    Snort McDork
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    What medications is this dude on?      

    I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

    "I like birdy num-nums"

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      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      The Red Menace
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      I think he must be talking about electoral politics or something…

      ‘Cause I advocate liquefying the rich and using them as fertilizer for centrally planned urban agriculture projects.

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        I’ve long been in favor of this.

        I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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        I’m a “Moral Centrist Moderate”? I think that means I’m in the group that notices the absurdity of protecting our youth, not from the carnage of war, but from having a a smoke and a cocktail.

        T R Menace, Sorry, this reply was meant for the OP. The poster regrets the error.

        Slavery was the legal fiction that people can be property.
        Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

        "If you believe in god, I'm probably smarter than you." -- Tom Leykis

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    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

    Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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    Yep, the 60’s scared the PTB so bad that they have spent many billions of dollars since then, on brainwashing the citizenry with every possible form of propaganda, in order to move public opinion and the citizenry to the right, in order to prevent a democracy from being instituted in the US.

    The system worked.  Right now, we have a fascist POTUS, a fascist SCOTUS, and 2 major political parties: one party is flat out 100% fascist extremist, and the other is primarily moderate right wing, with some admirable, notable exceptions.

    Promote Freedom From Religion, and Separation of Church and State.

    See how much you will pay for Healthcare under Bernie Sanders Medicare for All plan:
    Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues! ~ Bernie

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    I could get behind forced property seizures by the working class.

    The only reason they were able to aquire such wealth is because of the corrupt system that enabled the vultures to step on the necks of the working poor and STEAL what they got. They didn’t get it fairly. They didn’t earn it. They stole it.

    Yeah…I’m in the Pitchfork and Guillotine brigade. Bring it on.

    Take their mansions and house the homeless. Sell everything they own to lift up the rest of society.

    The vultures get zero sympathy from me.

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