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    The New York Times’ on Thursday sparked calls for congressional action by publishing the first article in its “One Nation, Tracked” series, an investigation into smartphone tracking based on a data set with over 50 billion location pings from the devices of more than 12 million people in the United States.

    The data, from 2016 and 2017, “was provided to Times Opinion by sources who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to share it and could face severe penalties for doing so,” explained reporters Stuart A. Thompson and Charlie Warzel. “The sources of the information said they had grown alarmed about how it might be abused and urgently wanted to inform the public and lawmakers.”

    Readers and fellow journalists quickly turned to social media to draw attention to the reporting. Laura Rosenberger, director of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, tweeted: “This is the most important article you should read today. Period.”

    Aaron Zitner of the Wall Street Journal concurred, writing on Twitter: “This is surely the most consequential piece of journalism published today, and its presentation is the highest form of storytelling. Think of what an authoritarian state is already doing with this technology.”

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    I’m not surprised by any of this. You never relinquish an ounce of power to the state and that’s exactly what the Patriot Act did …the Patriot Act the corrupt Dem Party just renewed. Giving up privacy out of fear leads to this shit.

    Will the NYT now have to relocate to Russia and become roomies with Snowden? This is basically what Snowden told us.

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      And now the Gummint wants to take proceeds from Snowden’s book sales. What a racket, huh?

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    Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? Sadly, no.

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    Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy
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    Hi eridani,

    Original NY Times article linked at JPR below.

    [Article] – NY Times – Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy


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    This is pretty much a losing battle.  Records from cell phones are just a piece of it, but there are so many other sources of data on what people are doing and  where they are: cameras all over the fucking place, records from stores and banks, hell people welcome it into their homes with Alexa and Ring!  What might be productive would be for us serfs to also have access to data on government people, and probably the companies as well.

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    The level of surveillance in this “free society” is totalitarian in nature.

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