Thom Hartmann: 4 Reasons the Corporate Media Refuses to Talk About Things That Matter

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      Ever since the media began, in a big way in the 1980s, to ignore actual news and go for highly dumbed-down or even salacious stories, many of us who work in the media have been astonished by this behavior by the network and cable news organizations and the major newspapers.

      They used to report the details of policy proposals in great detail (see this report from the 1970s about Richard Nixon’s proposal for universal health care, comparing his with Ted Kennedy’s, for example). But since the Reagan era, the networks have largely kept their coverage exclusively to personality, scandal, and horse race.

      Why would that be? Why, since the late 1980s, has the “news” lost any semblance of actual news and detail, and degenerated into a cleaned-up version of the National Enquirer?

      For example, on January 3, the House of Representatives passed one of the most sweeping political reform bills since the Nixon era, including automatic voter registration, 15 days of nationwide early voting, and an end to gerrymandering. Not to mention a totally revolutionary code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

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      Thom shouldn’t talk.  He spent quite a bit of his time on the hyped “Russia, Russia, Russia” hysteria.  

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      Seems like Rachael madcow refused to share her profits with him. The same guy that refused anyone a stance on DNC cheating…LOL #HILLARYous. Thom is the establishment media….POT calling the KETTLE BLACK

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        Thom once taught us how a Lex Luthor was needed in order to make Superman a hero.

        This analogy was used by Thom in order to demonstrate how Russia and China were used by our government as boogeymen in order to keep the Cold War going.

        Back then Thom’s analogy and his message sunk home for me. Over the years he even had on guests that supported how we the citizenry were being duped by that con game in order to increase profits for our country’s number one indistry: The Military Industrial Complex.

        Thom’s tune, like Rachael Maddows tune has changed. They both now represent the purveyors of this Neo-Cold-War.

        Rachael did it for money. I do not know why Thom did it. They are equally brilliant but equally sellouts to their profession.

        I say that last bit because:

        They both know that we have the best government money can buy, they both know that our government is bought n paid for by our biggest industry: The Military Industrial Complex.

        I no longer listen to either of them because they support a boogyman-a boogyman they both know was created by our own government.

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