Thom Hartmann: It’s Time to Bring Back the Corporate Death Penalty

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      While the human death penalty has largely disappeared in the world and is fading in the U.S. (a good thing), the corporate death penalty needs a revival.

      The corporate death penalty, widespread in the 19th century, is a political and economic Darwinian process that weeds bad actors out of the business ecosystem to make room for good players.

      The process of revoking corporate charters goes back to the very first years of the United States. After all, the only reasons states allow (“charter”) corporations (normal business corporations can only be chartered by a state, not the federal government) is to serve the public interest.

      When a corporation does business ethically and legally, it serves its local community, its employees, its customers, and its shareholders. For over a century, American corporations were held to this very reasonable standard.

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      Then the entire MSM should be nationalized and broken up.

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      He is the problem not the solution. He is your fall in line liberal. Throughout 2016 he kept on cutting off people that brought up Hillary cheating. He can go procreate with Rachael madcow

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