Thomas Frank: It’s Clinton Who Wrecked The Democratic Party

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    The Party was never perfect but it was better than it is now. This is a good talk.

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    She had a great deal of help from Barry Obama. And Harry Reid. And Fancy Nancy. And their sponsors.

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    Edited to say:  It’s The Clinton’s  Who Wrecked The Democratic Party

    Internationalism, Yes.   Corporate Globalism. No!

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    Bill Clinton did as much damage to this country as the Bush Crime Family did:

    1) NAFTA – Technically it was Poppy Bush’s project. But Bill was in a position to stop it, as it passed through Congress during his term. He not only didn’t stop it, but then continued down the corporatist “free trade” bullshit model with the WTO and other such things.

    2) The FAUX/Scumcast/Clear Channel/Sinclair/Verizon Enabling Act of 1996 – Yeah, old absent minded Jellybean for brains Reagan started the media corruption by killing the Fairness Doctrine. But the real damage to the media couldn’t have happened without mass consolidation into the hands of a few right wing mega-corporations. And Bill is the one to blame for that.

    3) Repealing Glass Steagal. This was Clinton’s last big present to the corporatist predator class. And all the damage that class has done in the past two decades can be laid directly at Bill’s feet.

    4) Welfare “reform” – questionable whether it needed to be reformed at all. Certainly didn’t need that kind of “reform”. It’s simply a fact that every dollar spent on the safety net comes back into the economy almost immediately. Poor people aren’t hoarding that money away, they’re using it to buy food & other necessities, and to pay bills. As opposed to giving perpetual tax “cuts” to inheritance rich leeches who don’t pay taxes as it is, and trillions wasted on wars which have nothing to do with protecting the US, and everything to do with corporate welfare for the oil & “defense” industries.

    Bill, Hillary, and their DLC/Turd Way posse have damaged the Democratic party & the country enough. Time for them to go away and bring back the ACTUAL Democrats of the FDR variety.  You know.. the guys who actually had this country running at it’s economic best for half a century.


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      Good list. The sanctions against Iraq, and the destruction of Yugoslavia paved the way for forever war that we have now. Yup, the Clinton’s wrecked the Democratic Party. That’s what happens when you elect the best Republican president money can buy.

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