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  • Fordfairlanestl (1486 posts)
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    THR – Bernie Sanders Warns Republicans to Expect Voter Backlash to Tax Bill

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    There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! I ONLY vote for grass root "progressive" politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College",and "15 bucks an hour". The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! That is all.....   Have a great day.

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  • CalGoldenBear (1465 posts)
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    1. The poor, poor Repubs had a choice: Pass a greatly unpopular giveaway

    to the ultra-rich and big multinational corporations OR go into the 2o18 mid-term elections without having “done anything” since they were unable to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.  (Despite being problematic, it is popular with those having some modicum of coverage under it).

    So their big donors are happy, but the Repub innumerates — those who have problems with “the math” — can’t figure out that there are millions of voters who far outnumber 1% the greedy, selfish 1%.

    Note, for those of you wondering about innumerates, John Allen Paulos has a book, now in paperback, Innumeracy:  Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences.

    Also, in “The Year in Charts,” the NY Timesman, Steven Rattner has an interesting one, breaking down taxpayers into quintiles, from bottom to top, with the latter broken down even further until the top 1% and 0.1% are reached, together with the annual income for each group.  That chart’s income levels helps identify who is in the top 1% and 0.1%.

    • RealityCheck (1180 posts)
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      2. their big donors are happy

      and with that, they simply only wish to slash and burn just about everything in sight asap in order to generate as many super climaxes as possible for their rich buddies ….. before Nov ’18. Even if they were to become a minority in Congress again, they still know how to jam the gears of law making to a stand still.