Three women murdered on first day of Colombia’s coronavirus lockdown

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    by Charles Parkinson March 26, 2020

    Three women have been gunned down in the coastal city of Cartagena on the first day of Colombia’s coronavirus lockdown, amid widespread fear the quarantine would result in a spike in gender-based violence.

    Loli luz Madero Guerrero died on Wednesday along with her mother and sister, after her ex-partner reportedly drew a gun and shot all three following a heated argument outside his home in Cartagena’s El Carmelo neighbourhood. The two other victims were named as Ellyn Madero Guerrero and Edenis Guerrero.

    The killer, identified only by his nickname “El Monito” (Little Blonde), reportedly shot the three women after Loli luz attempted to retrieve some of her belongings from his home, following the apparent recent breakdown of their relationship, reported Caracol Radio. The alleged killer was captured hours after fleeing the scene on a motorbike.

    The killings came hours after women’s rights activist Carlota Isabel Salinas was ordered out of her home and shot dead by assassins in the town of San Pablo, Bolivar, 230 miles (365 km) south of Cartagena. Salinas, who had worked with local NGO La Organización Femenina Popular (Popular Feminist Organization), was killed just hours before the lockdown officially came into force, according to victims’ rights NGO Movice. Her husband remains missing.


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    and that dates back to the early ’80s, when I was living among Venezolanos and Colombianos.

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    When you are a social worker you know that in times of economic and other real crisis abuse of women, children and I suppose even men increases. With the children home 24/7 and the parents also quarantined this is very possible anywhere in the world.


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