Three words you never want to see together

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      “Journey Tribute Band”

      I don't waste my time teaching pigs to sing.

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      There was the fun factor of Randy saying “Yo!  Dawg!  Do you know who I am??!!!???” when his input was questioned.  Answer was generally no, no I do not know.  There was also the time when Steve Perry made an albums sans Journey, and we would hear Steve as we have never heard him before, doing only what Steve wanted to do!!!!  And Steve still sounded like Journey.

      Will never hear Don’t Stop Believin’ without thinking of the Sopranos.    Hmmmm – maybe I should re-watch the Sopranos.  For the story, the characters, and the music!

      Would a Journey Tribute Band play at Holiday Inns, Vegas lounges, and weddings?  Yikes.  Just play a Journey CD or five.

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