'Tidal Wave': Hundreds Of Coast Guard Families Show Up To Pop-Up Boston Food Pantry

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      With many federal workers now losing hope that they’ll get a paycheck this week, stress is mounting. But so are some efforts to help the hundreds of thousands affected by the ongoing shutdown — including about 8,000 in Massachusetts.

      In Boston this week, a pop-up food pantry opened for men and women of the Coast Guard, the only branch of the armed services working without pay.

      Coasties, as they’re called, who usually rush to rescue others in peril, stepped up to help their own, forming a bucket brigade to ferry 30,000 pounds of groceries off trucks and onto shelves in the corner of a cafeteria. They stocked everything from milk to medicine, and cereal to celery, all free for the taking.

      Don Cox, president of the Massachusetts Military Support Foundation, which is running the pantry, says nearly 400 families stopped in to help themselves to food in the first two days it was open. At the same time, Cox says an existing pantry for military families on Cape Cod is handing out more in two days than it usually does in a month.





      Thanks Trump and Nancy! :sarcasm:

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      Coast Guard going to food banks.  This sh it is getting ridiculous.


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      Airline pilots have been going to food banks for more than a decade….which is worse!

      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
      ~Samuel Clemens

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      Let me get this straight.

      The richest folks employ illegal immigrants and Trump has convinced a bunch of dumbasses that a wall, a government shutdown, and a tax break for these same rich employers is the best way to resolve illegal immigration.

      Good god :facepalm:

      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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