Tim Black-Derek Chauvin Arrest: Just The Hideous Beginning!

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      His audience sure has grown since 2016. I think he’s doing what he needs to be doing. He offers a voice, especially black America… People call in on Tuesday and Friday (tonight -Freedom Friday), but, you probably know that already, Pam. The point I’m trying to make is that this Tuesday I sure heard my brothers and sisters of another color… no doubt tonight it’ll be more of it. This is the conversation we all need to have. Plus, Tim’s funny as shit at times, so I love him.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      This sounds really emotional and his opening assertion doesn’t make much sense. If it was “planned”…. why implement the “plan” in front of dozens of witnesses and what appears to have been at least four separate videographers?

      I didn’t make it to the end… but what I did see of the rest of it was equally unimpressive.


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      Black is easy to follow & sticks to the point.  What cuts against the proposition he’s making (that it was a planned murder based on some prior conflict between chauvin & floyd):

      The original stop was made by two other cops, not chauvin.

      Chauvin & a second cop showed up after the fact.  Can’t remember the names I read, but that makes 4 cops, so maybe all the same ones who participated.

      If it was a premeditated murder over a beef between chauvin & floyd, but chauvin showed up after the stop, that would mean either the others knew of the beef already, or chauvin told them when he got there.  Seems a little off…

      OTOH, the way it was handled was also off.  They supposedly (I read) had him in the cop car, then pulled him out again because he didn’t get in correctly (the way they wanted him to) or something (unclear to me why).  Then they held him down while telling him to get up when he obviously couldn’t get up! And repeatedly asked him if he was high. WTF?

      Another item: I read there were 2 other people in the car with floyd.  What happened to those people?  Didn’t look like anyone was in floyd’s car, the door was hanging open and no one guarding it in the shot I saw.

      Also, when they took floyd out of his car to the side of the store front, it looked like there was something wrong with his feet or one of his feet.  Maybe I’m wrong, but he didn’t seem to be moving normally on his feet.  Kind of a little drag or something similar, like a slight handicap?

      But once he was by the (cop?) car on the ground, it looked like plain torture to me.  Handcuffed, immobilized by 3 people, windpipe compressed, and given orders he plainly can’t comply with.  For 10 minutes.  In the face of some pushback from bystanders.  Just murder.

      Clearly way overboard for a $20 forgery and no observed resistance, no weapon, etc.

      Yet they knew they were being filmed and continued to kill him, in public.  Why?

      They could have gotten him in that car, cuffed his feet, and let him sit there until back-up came if they were worried about dealing with him.

      But they just continued to kill him.  Really bad PR, and plenty of time to think about the consequences of that.  But none of them said a word to each other.  None showed any fear (except the guy doing crowd management).  It was almost nonchalant, methodical.

      So I can see why Black is saying there has to be something more to it.  It just doesn’t make sense.


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