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    Tim Black on Sophie's Choice



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    1. Excellent -Streep dassn't say 1 word against Big O or HRC. FAIL, Streep!

    Disabled kids don’t count if they’re the wrong color or in the wrong countries, right Streep?  Cluster bombs?  Streep never heard of them, I guess.  What about homeless kids and families, driven out of their towns and villages and countries?  What about them, Streep?

    Obama has been the Bully in Chief re deporting record numbers of people/children of color and droning/bombing 3rd World countries, i.e., countries of color, for the past 8 years.  Cat had your tongue all those years, Streep?   Guess she didn’t consider dropping tens of thousands of bombs on countries with no air forces to defend themselves to be bullying.   Collateral damage?  Streep  never heard of it.

    On Edit:  I am not sorry to stress out those snowflakes who are telling us that criticizing Clinton is passe and irrelevant.  Got some hard news for them.  Hillary and Bill Clinton are historically significant.  Try telling the people of Haiti to just get over the Clintons and never say a harsh word about them.  Because of course saying harsh words about Hillary is summarily dismissed by the Hillbots as “Hillary Hate.”  If some folks need a “safe place” where never a discouraging word is spoken about the Clintons, I believe there is still one place on line where that is the rule.

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      2. I think she gave a great speech however.

      But it was on a shallow partisan level that doesn’t touch the deep state that promotes

      That Obama , Trump, Clinton are a part of.

      Then you get a reaction from Trump……. that plays into  and off  each other.

      That ignores the big picture……

      And the media and internet eat it up vs.the big picture.

      and look at the right hand corner of the painting at the signature.




  • Passionate Progressive (1708 posts)
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    3. It would be nice if Streep held President Obama

    to the same standard that she applies to Donald Trump.

    Thank you for saying this Tim Black.

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      4. That's why I titled it Sophie's choice

      But Sophie wasn’t a multi millionaire like she is.

      I found her speech great but  geez……..

      What the fuck has been going on in the last 8 years ?

      As she watches it burn without speaking out?




      • Passionate Progressive (1708 posts)
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        6. More importantly and I should have included this in the above 2 cents

        In other words, this double standard demonstrates why/how the peace movement was neutralized since 2009.

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    5. Perfect excuse to go make a cup of coffee. Thanks!


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    7. Well, now we have it on record…

    It’s true that timing was great to call out the indecency of Trump… But, holy cow… It’s now a matter of record that THESE THINGS COUNT!

    I think it’s great when it takes a Trump to wake up. Think of how long they would have remained oblivious to what’s being going for the past 15 years.


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