Today is "Giant Buddha Day" in Japan

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      Yes, on this day in 752 AD, the “Todaiji Daibutsu”, or “Giant Buddha of Todaiji Temple”, was built (completed) in the ancient city of Nara.  With dimensions that reach a height of 59 feet from its base to the top of its head, which itself is nearly 10 feet across, the Giant Buddha was certainly a wonder of the ancient Japanese World, and for centuries it was the tallest Buddha statue in Japan. Today, the tallest Buddha statue in Japan is the towering Ushiku Daibutsu, in the city of Ushiku, about 35 miles north of Tokyo. But the “Todaiji Daibutsu”, or “Nara Daibutsu” as it is sometimes called, is still an extremely popular tourist attraction in the city of Nara, which is about equidistant from the cities of Osaka and Kyoto.

      “There’s a new spirit abroad in the land. The old days of ‘grab and greed’ are on their way out. We’re beginning to think of what we owe the other fellow, not just what we’re compelled to give him. The time’s coming… when we shan’t be able to fill our bellies in comfort while others go hungry, sleep in warm beds while others shiver in the cold.... And God willing, we’ll live to see that day…” Basil Rathbone,"Sherlock Holmes Faces Death" (Universal 1943)

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