Toilet paper shortage during outbreak? Here's why (Associated Press)

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      Finding toilet paper in a global pandemic is a struggle. Stores shelves are bare. Amazon is wiped out. And hoarding is only partly to blame – as it turns out, toilet paper is part of a very tight supply chain. (April 9)

      A little thin on information, but reassuring that once we get back to work things will be normal again 🙁

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Here I sit all broken hearted… 🙁

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      I’ve been going to all the large big name stores looking for toilet paper. No luck.

      Then I tried a small local convenience store. They had an 8-pack on the shelf. No name. No brand. No bar code. Just wrapped in clear plastic with a sticker price tag. It looked like bootleg toilet paper. Naturally, I bought it.

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      General Disarray
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      GZ I miss that show

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      I saw people buying five or six big packages at a time. When stores imposed a one pack limit, people went from store to store, or made multiple trips from car to store to car to store. I saw the same thing concerning meat, canned beans, ramen noodles, etc. As word spread that “everyone is hoarding X” shoppers hit the store and filled carts with X. Stupid herd behavior, stampeding bison, lemmings over the cliff, etc.

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      Including YES, TP!! Her 40 hour work week is now a 60 hour work week, and to date I’ve only seen TP on the shelves at the local Kroger on two separate occasions since the hording began. None of the regular brands and what was there didn’t last the day. Last I heard Costco still doesn’t have any.

      Next week I break into my backup, built up over years. The best time to hoard is before you need to.  🚽

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        I’ve been in this place going on 11 years, and that’s 11 years of squirreling away things that were on sale or deep discounted.  Between that and the stuff growing in the garden, I don’t NEED to shop for anything, but it’s nice to go out and pick up ice cream, and OJ.

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      works for trucking co, where i used to work.  this company did a lot of paper deliveries connected with the biggest paper industry conglomerate.    they have no loads at this point.   one used to make runs from the paper rolls producers to the retail manufacturer warehouses.   and then from there to the big box retailer warehouses or stores with the final product, like paper towels or toiler paper.   those loads are gone according to the driver rumor mill.  there is nothing to ship in the distribution chain.   drivers are mystified as to why this is.   one could say demand exhausted stock on hand when consumption patterns changed, but there are no trucks on the road, relatively speaking.  yet freight rates are down.   some drivers, still out there coping with poor food availability, no bathroom access, and closed rest areas and restaurants, are shipping non retail industrial supply type loads when they can get them, garden supplies and that kind of material, which doesn’t pay, short hauls, etc. and just sit for a day or two.   food shipments are down nationwide with the closing of restaurants killing demand.

      So following up on this video’s contention, the JIT logistical algorithm failed, and there is no clarity for remodeling at this point in every aspect of the chain, so nothing is done.

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      Saw on local news last wk about a place in the area that makes, manufactures it as seeing a boom in business, he was taking applications for help. And If remember from the report, he just recently expanded.

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