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    Took my Honda FIT in for an airbag recall

    I guess everybody and his dog bought airbags from the same manufacturer. Anyway, they gave me a free loaner, an HRV. I have no idea what the H stands for, but it’s basically a small SUV, all wheel drive, backup camera (wow! and yay!), plenty of space, but still small(ish), new starting system that only requires the key to be in your pocket, comfortable, smooth, nice. So I thought it might be a nice next car. Then I looked at the size of the tires ($$$), and said, “That’s not gonna happen.” I wasn’t wild about the touchscreen controls, but that may have to do with the lack of touchy-feely in my finger tips.

    Anyway, I went to Luther Burbank House and Gardens. Too early, not much going on, but I found a cooperative squirrel and a kitty guide. Moved on to a couple of parks and encountered numerous homeless people. Don’t see much of that in the Napa Valley. Then on to Sebastopol to (I had hoped) catch the apple blossoms. In spite of the fact that my apple tree is going berserk, there was nary a blossom on the multiple orchards in Sebastopol.

    Next destination was Bodega Bay. Cold, overcast, dreary. Oh well, took photos anyway, and stomped around on both sides of the bay. By the way, there was a glorious sunrise at my place when I left for Santa Rosa. (Remind me never to set an 8:00 AM appointment an hour away, three days after “spring forward.”)

    Ate lunch at a hole in the wall across from the crabbers so I ordered crab. I asked if it was out of the shell because the description was somewhat ambiguous. “Yes,” I was was assured. Uh, nope. It was crab legs only, very much in the shell. Good, but expensive, and way too much work. I should have ordered the clam chowder that my table mates did.

    Then I returned to Santa Rosa for Costco (cat food), Trader Joe’s (cat food and Scotch—why can’t everybody eat the same thing?), and back to the car dealer. They didn’t want to give me the HRV so I reclaimed my FIT, which they had vacuumed and washed in addition to replacing the air bags. Poor wee thing hadn’t been washed since the rains started.

    For a wasted day, it was pretty productive. Oh, and it started to rain again—on my newly washed car. Right now, I’m too knackered to even look at my photos. That’s a job for tomorrow. And that Scotch hit the spot.

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    1. You have cats? I need to get up there!

    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).
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      2. Based on the gopher guts I just cleaned up…

      At least one of them is up for adoption.