Top 10 Reasons Why Sanders' Ed. Policies are Better than Everyone Else's.

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      I don’t necessarily agree w. all… or even much of this. For instance:  Where’s the part about making school systems  ( and individual schools) account ( I mean REALLY account) for all the money they get *now*? Where does Sanders…. or ANYONE for that matter… deal w. administrative bloat, patronism and nepotism? What’s Bernie going to do about  systematic weakening of unions and the passing of professional autonomy from the teacher’s job description?

      IMO, if you don’t deal w. all of the above…. you’re  just blowing smoke. BUT: the Singer article seems like a good jumping off point and might at least help get public ed back in the public dialogue related to  the DEM nomination contest.

      Top 10 Reasons Bernie Sanders’ Education Policies Are Light Years Ahead of Everyone Else’s


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      Like his campaign in general, Bernie is starting from the bottom. He’s proposing  a secure base with well paid teachers, students who are taught to think, schools that serve the community and provide for the health and well being of the students as well as providing education. Once a solid base is built, you attack and change the top mismanagement and bloat.

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