Top Amazon boss privately advised US government on web portal worth billions to tech firm

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      Exclusive: Emails show how tech firm has tried to gain influence and potentially shape lucrative government contracts

      “Bezos has been very astute playing to a liberal and conservative audience,” Mitchell said. “Meanwhile the federal government and administration is moving forward on all kinds of things that help Amazon, from the e-commerce portal to the Jedi contract to the tax law, which was a huge boon to Amazon.”

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      how the company has quietly amassed an unrivalled position of power with the federal government…already operates a cloud service for the US intelligence community, including a contract with the CIA, and has said it can protect even the most top secret data on a cloud that is walled off from the public internet….also won a contract worth up to $5.5bn that made it the chief supplier of goods, including stationery and books, to tens of thousands of local governments and municipalities across the US….

      The everything company = total surveillance state

      Amazon wants to be the interface between all government buyers and all the companies that want to sell to government, and that is an incredibly powerful and lucrative place to be…the Rung emails display an inside relationship that other competing companies don’t have and showed how government infrastructure was being designed with input from Amazon, giving it a big advantage.

      Its no accident Bezos is on top…its by design imho

      if you liked plantations, youll love the amazon state

      what happens when enough real stores go out of business and amazon is the only place you can get anything?  look what happened with walmart destroying the business district of smaller towns, & extrapole from there…amazon is busy designing both vertical and horizontal monopolies of distribution, contracting, etc.


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