Top Ten Albums Of Protest Music In 2018 – selections

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      IDLES – Joy As An Act Of Resistance

      The UK punk band’s sophomore album shows that resistance does not have to be driven by anger. Trying to maintain joy in the wake of the current political turmoil is a powerful act of defiance…IDLES is focused on fighting off the negative forces that cause humanity to lose hope, and they provide a perfect soundtrack for joyful resistance in the face of adversity.

      Shad – A Short Story About War

      The album’s closing track, All I Need, ends with the potent reminder that the truth is bulletproof. The truth frees us from the lies that lead humans to an endless cycle of greed, violence, fear, and hatred.

      Kamasi Washington – Heaven and Earth

      The real reality is what the most of us make it to be. When I travel the world, the people I meet just want the world to be a beautiful place, with their lives full of love and peace, and they want that same thing for everyone else, jazz musician Kamasi Washington told MOJO Magazine…

      Heaven & Earth deals with what Washington sees as two realities—the reality projected at us by powerful elites and the reality that most people of the world understand, that there is more to bind us than divide us…tracks on the first album (Earth), confront the darkness.  On the second album (Heaven), the sense of despair is transcended… Washington invites us to imagine a better world and instill hope in ourselves that we can get there.

      Top Ten Albums Of Protest Music In 2018

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