Toronto Cops Say They Did ‘Tremendous Job’ After Beating People, Destroying Homeless Camp

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      Toronto police violently destroyed a homeless encampment in a city park, at times hitting and shoving protesters, pepper spraying them, and arresting 26 people.

      Dozens of officers and security guards showed up to Lamport Stadium park in the city’s west end Wednesday morning to take down a homeless encampment with an estimated 14 to 17 people. Activists showed up and created a makeshift barrier of wood, plastic, and other materials.

      Video footage shows police moving in on the demonstrators, ripping apart the barriers, and at times charging people, shoving them and dragging them on the ground. “The cops beat the shit out of me and threw my whole body on one final blow and knocked my head backwards onto a curb, giving me a concussion,” the person said.

      In a news release, Toronto police said they arrested 26 people. They said their efforts to clear the crowds at the encampment were ignored and “the crowds became confrontational and hostile.” Police said they responded “proportionately and using minimal force. Objects were thrown at police, an officer was spat at, while an unknown noxious substance was also sprayed at police. As a result, three officers suffered injuries.”

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      No mention of actually spending some money to house these people. How are Canadians any better than say, Los Angeles, in that regard?

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