Traffic resumes on the Kerch Strait bridge.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      Undamaged span of bridge allows restricted vehicle traffic to resume. Apparently rail traffic will resume in the coming days as well.

      Key bridge from Russia to Crimea reopens after being partially destroyed in explosion

      Ukrainian officials have repeatedly threatened to strike Kerch Bridge and some lauded the attack, but Kyiv has stopped short of claiming responsibility.

      A key bridge from Russia to Crimea has reopened to traffic after it was partially destroyed in an explosion.

      Moscow has said three people were killed in the blast it has attributed to a truck bomb.

      Russian authorities have also said the attack was a “terrorist action” carried out by Ukraine.

      More pictures and video, including the moment of detonation of the truck bomb at:

      (Bear with me here, trying to figure out how to make a clickable thumbnail link on Youtube, I’ve never uploaded a video before…)

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      Babel 17
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      If Russia chooses to see this as justification for a massive retaliation, though they might see it as a desperate attempt by a soon to be defeated on the battlefield Ukraine to get Russia to provide an excuse to the Biden administration to get NATO directly involved, aka the opening salvo to WWIII.

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        Joe Shlabotnik
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        At the very least there is every justification for Russia to change the mission’s designation from “SMO” to Anti-terrorist Operation now. I’m reading on Telegram that many in Russia want a serious escalation, and revenge for what they now clearly see as an attack on their sovereignty.  BTW, has the western media blamed Russia of bombing their own bridge yet?

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          Mr. Mickeys Mom
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          As soon as Biden finds door number 3, his limpy droopy arms will wave as we somehow blame Russia for this, too.

          Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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