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      which imho was totally non-threatening and non-controversial (assuming one is not a Russophobe).  Thread was started in G/D.  It was about Moscow, Russia being recognized by the UN as one of the world’s best cities…..Post content was about the criteria and the also-rans.  For some reason for the past 12 hours there has been a notice about awaiting moderation….Any explanation as to what (if anything) was offensive and/or when a decision would be made about its acceptability?  I utilized two references – one from RT and one (I think) from the UN.   Thanks for all you do!  P/P

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      It’s why I normally use the Clipboard-with-a-T function when copying posts onto JPR, figuring if the reader wants to go to the original and look at all of its links they can.

      No, there’s nobody here banning links to RT. It’s not exactly a hate site or, if it is, we’d have to ban CNN for all their lusty warmongering to maintain the balance.

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