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  • Koko (4560 posts)
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    Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy

    Trump and The War Within the American Oligarchy

    TRNN senior editor Paul Jay discusses how the Real News covers the Trump administration as well as the struggle between those who want to ‘reign in the excesses of capitalism’ and those who want to destroy the ‘administrative state’

    PAUL JAY: Yeah. So, we’re trying to cover Trump so we get at the sort of underpinning, so people understand that we’re not just trying to vilify this guy, Trump. These days I very much have in my mind when I’m doing interviews and we’re talking about stories, ordinary people who voted for Trump. It’s easy to be part of a chorus that just attacks Trump. Like, for example, on the impeachment campaign. Impeach Trump. Yeah, I’m sure on the face of it there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to impeach Trump. And one of the arguments against impeaching Trump is that you’re going to get Pence and perhaps a more efficient, less chaotic White House with the same kind of objectives. And in that sense, even more dangerous. But that isn’t to me the most important point. The more important point is what do you say to all the people who believed he was a real alternative, that had given up on Obama, and this kind of neo-liberal hyper-capitalist politics that calls itself liberal — what do you say to them? You know, the guys like 40 days in and you already want to impeach the guy.

    If you want to win people over to a vision of the world which is neither Trumpism, or corporate Democratism, how are you going to win ordinary people over by already trashing this guy at such a level? I’m not in any way saying don’t vigorously, viciously critique the policy and critique the underlying ideology. But just to call to impeach the guy, right away? So, what we’re trying to do is, at a systemic, analytical level, really understand what this division in the oligarchy is. And I think the broad strokes of it is, it is a fight over unfettered capitalism versus what Clinton said in one of the early debates, reigning in the excesses of capitalism. That’s one division. And I think there are underlying economic issues there too which is the ’07/’08 put a shock through the system and everyone’s afraid of an unravelling happening here. And the next time the crash hits, and what is it going to mean in terms of social unrest? You’ve got to get the authoritarian state ready for this. You can’t coddle the opposition. You’ve got to be ready to crush it. And you need the ideological framework for doing that. The other underlying thing, and we’re exploring this, but the neoliberal hyper-capitalist model, it’s a failure. This runaway speculative capital, stagnant wages, you know, rising unemployment. Even though our unemployment has come down a lot of that coming down of the unemployment rate is because so much of the employment has been part time.

    Interesting Read, Continued at:


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6 replies
  • Rosa Luxemburg (1166 posts)
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    1. Trump, Pence and Ryan need to go

    America is a nightmare.

    trumpG7 Trump salt  
  • Passionate Progressive (1705 posts)
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    2. Most salient point

    If you’re going to win over Trump supporters who believed he was an establishment alternative to a vision of the world that is neither Trumpism nor corporatism, you won’t do it by trashing Trump at such a baseless level.

  • Ichingcarpenter (4171 posts)
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    3. Notice we are on the same track?

    We have almost a mega thread going with the three of us in the reading room submitting the pieces of the deep state.

    • Koko (4560 posts)
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      5. Inquiring Minds…

      Think Alike!

      Maybe when we get all the pieces together and we can finally find a working strategy for the future. There’s gotta be a better way that what we’ve been doing these past decades.    Trump’s unintended gift may be that the the rot of the “system” is being exposed in a way it would never have been with Hillary/Bill.

      I just hope there’s something left of the country to do the clean up after him though.

      • Ichingcarpenter (4171 posts)
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        6. From my post: Solving the Deep State Problem

        Despite this, the deep state still poses a formidable and dangerous threat to both global and individual peace and prosperity.

        The natural human inclination to create alternatives to compete with such a threat – but which simply resemble a mirrored version of the threat – means that a “Chinese” or “Russian” dominated deep state leading any given unipolar global order will simply replace America’s immense deep state and continue carrying on the abuses and destructive role Wall Street and Washington currently fulfill.

        Talk of a multipolar world order in which nations balance themselves against one another rather than fall under a single, unipolar order dominated by a single deep state and the handful of interests that constitute it, forms a bridge between today’s current global order and a decentralized, balanced future.

  • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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    4. Very recommended. Thanks for posting.