Trump clearly never understood the point of keeping Christmas well

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      “For instance,” Roosevelt marveled, as he spoke just days before the first Social Security checks would be dispatched, “who a generation ago would have thought that a week from tomorrow—January 1, 1940—tens of thousands of elderly men and women in every state and every county and every city of the nation would begin to receive checks every month for old age retirement insurance—and not only that but that there would be also insurance benefits for the wife, the widow, the orphan children and even dependent parents? Who would have thought a generation ago that people who lost their jobs would, for an appreciable period, receive unemployment insurance—that the needy, the blind and the crippled children would receive some measure of protection which will reach down to the millions of Bob Cratchits, the Marthas and the Tiny Tims of our own ‘four-room homes’?”


      Story is on the Nation’s website. Putting the link here cause the post not to post.


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      FDR used A Christmas Carol as an instruction manual. The Trump White House merely uses it as a color-coordinated prop.

      Thought I’d give it a try…

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