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    Trump Focus On ASD Misplaced, Advocates Say

    by Michelle Diament | February 17, 2017

    At a White House gathering this week, President Donald Trump expressed concern about a “tremendous increase” in autism, but experts caution that his rhetoric doesn’t tell the whole story.

    During what was billed as a “listening session” with parents and teachers, Trump inquired about autism after Jane Quenneville introduced herself as the principal of a Virginia special education center.

    “So what’s going on with autism?” Trump asked. “When you look at the tremendous increase, it’s really — it’s such an incredible — it’s really a horrible thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase. Do you have any idea? And you’re seeing it in the school?”

    snip* The president’s comments appear to stem from rising CDC prevalence estimates in recent decades. The agency has revised its estimate of autism prevalence upward four times since 2002 when the rate was pegged at 1 in 150.

    However, experts stress that there’s tremendous complexity behind these numbers.


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