Trump Gets Socialized Health Care. What About the Rest of Us?

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      Unlike millions of Americans, Trump didn’t have to wait for symptoms to qualify for a test. He didn’t have to wait until he was very sick before being hospitalized to get care. He doesn’t have to choose between taking care of his family or taking care of his disease.

      He isn’t poor (although it seems possible he owes more than he’s worth). He isn’t undocumented, so he isn’t barred by his public charge rule from accessing services. He isn’t Black or Brown, so systems of White privilege increase his chances of survival. He isn’t in the one in three households with children who are now food and/or housing insecure in the U.S. because of the pandemic and recession.

      He isn’t one of the 12 million Americans who lost their health coverage because they lost their job during the pandemic. Indeed, Trump’s taxpayer-funded care won’t cost him a dime, especially because he paid virtually no taxes at all for more than a decade.

      Though we can feel sympathy for anyone who contracts a dangerous virus, we must also recognize Trump’s callous disregard of the science of the disease, the safety measures necessary to reduce the risk for oneself and for others, and the bare minimum measures that would have made the pandemic much easier for ordinary people to endure.

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      what about us?

      we get nothing, clearly.

      except death.

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      Hi eridani,

      It’s not just Trump. The House, The Senate, SCOTUS, The Military …

      Our roles have already been defined – work hard / die early.


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