Trump Has No Motiviation To Open The Government, And May Never Have Any Motivation

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      Trump cares only what Republican voters think — or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that, after years of binge-watching Fox News, he believes that all real Americans are Republicans and therefore agree with him on everything, including his hard line on the shutdown. (The people who turn up in polls as his opponents, on this and other issues, either are brainwashed by “the fake news” or are, presumably, non-whites on “the Democrat plantation” or undocumented people who are allowed to vote — in polls as well as elections — as part of a “Democrat-media complex”/Deep State plot to destroy America.)

      The members of Trump’s GOP base hate government and won’t mind that it’s shut down indefinitely, until government services they personally rely on become unavailable — at which point they’ll blame Democrats. (Actually, they already do.) The shutdown could literally last through the end of Trump’s term — hell, it could last through the end of (God help us) Trump’s second term — and no one in his base will blame him or congressional Republicans for it.



      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      Land of Enchantment
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      under the shutdown, yet their taxes are still DUE.  

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Will the Social Security office locations close down? Will anyone’s Social Security check stop?

      No, it will not… Will Federal payments to health care providers stop? Hmmmm… I can’t think that it would.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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        retired liberal
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        Not even when they has something like two weeks to move their entire base of operations out of New Orleans because of Katrina. Never having missed a payment, is a point of pride with the people working for Social Security. No way would I want to be the cause of them missing any payments. The Trump Administration is on the road to doing just that. That will sink Trump and anyone supporting his government shut-down.

        Hear that Mitch McConnell? You’d be one of those becoming toast.
        <h4 class=”spaced spaced-xl spaced-top spaced-bottom”>Mitch McConnell says it out loud: Republicans are gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare next</h4>

        We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
        If Row vs. Wade is overturned, women could lose the right to not get pregnant in 26 states.
        The Republicans are four year olds. The Democrats are six year olds. There are no grownups.
        Normalizing insanity has been the conservative's sweet spot at very least since the beginning..

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        I don’t know about health care providers. The IRS is shut down, though, so people who are getting refunds will feel the effects no matter when the shutdown ends because those checks will be delayed, and all the businesses that bank on tax refund season will be impacted as well.

        Oh, Mrs. Barbarian tells me the federal Do Not Call List line is also shut down because of the shutdown. They have a recording and everything.

        And the Border Patrol isn’t being paid. I wonder how long they will keep working before the Blue Flu sets in with them. Ironic Trump may be reducing border security with his quest for his stupid wall.

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      I doubt it. Congressional staff? Not likely.

      The non-paid, non-essential personnel, the ones that actually make the government work, might as well be untouchables, because the Republican oligarchs don’t have a clue what they do, how they live, and how much they are depended upon.

      We’re about to find out.

      Watching the government fall apart without them would be the libertarian’s dream, but everyone else’s nightmare.

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      David the Gnome
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      Assuming the shutdown continues into February, my understanding is that the food stamp budget gets cut by about 95%.  Some will still get something – but not many and not much.

      By March, as OB pointed out, the program will be gone.  Assuming further that tax returns do not go out… welcome to a brand new recession.  Likely a panic in the stock market, we will see some pretty massive plummets.

      In addition to the agencies, services and individuals already affected (furloughed, without work, some with nothing left).. we are looking at, potentially, the greatest financial disaster in our history.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      one’s due, and that would be a possible trigger, though not a typical one.

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      without that pesky congress getting in his way.

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