Trump incites fascistic violence as US election approaches

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      This is a WSWS perspective that goes over all of Trump’s overtures to his supporters to prepare for violence in case he loses. We’re already very familiar with that. I’m going to focus on what British media is saying and the WSWS warning of the dangers of working class people supporting either Trump or the Democrats:


      The Financial Times wrote over the weekend of a “nightmare in Washington” if Trump loses the election but refuses to concede. “With the stage set for a dramatic showdown in the event of a close-run result, a constitutional crisis could play out against the backdrop of violent unrest in the streets—something that has flared in several US cities in recent months.” Behind the scenes, the Financial Times noted, top military officials are discussing possible scenarios, including the direct intervention of the military itself—either on Trump’s side or against him.


      To the extent that the Democrats have a “message,” it is that the removal of Trump will return everything to “normal,” that Trump is an aberration in an otherwise healthy society. But how did this aberration take place?

      The breakdown of the political institutions of bourgeois democracy is a product of more fundamental and interrelated causes: decades of social counterrevolution that have created staggering levels of social inequality; forty years of unending war, which is now being transformed into great-power conflict; the massive growth of the military-intelligence-police apparatus, directed at both imperial conquest abroad and domestic repression at home; the criminalization of the ruling class, from the utilization of torture to domestic spying and corporate-financial manipulations.


      The great danger is that all opposition to Trump will be constrained by what is acceptable to the Democratic Party, which means what is acceptable to the financial aristocracy and the military. There are many historical lessons on how fascism came to power—in Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile and other countries. All of them center on the catastrophic consequences of politically disarming workers by channeling social anger behind one or another faction of the ruling class.

      Full perspective here

      That last nicely sums up my problem with people like Noam Chomsky, David Doel, and Cornel West, who urge us to vote against the Fascist in the White House. The problem is that Joe Biden and the Democrats have no problem with Fascism either, for they definitely advocate for the merger of corporate and government power, which is Fascism by definition.

      By supporting one Fascist against another, in the false hope that the one will not take a similar road as the other, everyone on the left who is urging a strategic or tactical vote for Biden is only enabling Fascism. I think it’s better to vote third party, even Libertarian, than for either fascistic candidate; or if one can understandably not stomach that, to do one’s part to delegitimize the rotten electoral system by refusing to participate. Just my two cents.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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