Trump official revises Statue of Liberty poem to defend migrant rule change

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    A top US immigration official has revised a quote inscribed on the Statue of Liberty in defense of a new policy that denies food aid to legal migrants.

    The head of Citizenship and Immigration Services tweaked the passage: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

    The official added the words “who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge”.

    It comes as Trump officials debuted a regulation that denies aid to migrants.

    Ken Cuccinelli, the Trump administration’s acting head of Citizenship and Immigration Services, announced on Monday a new “public charge” requirement that limits legal migrants from seeking certain public benefits such as public housing or food aid, or are considered likely to do so in the future.

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    “Emma Lazarus was born in New York City, July 22, 1849, into a large Sephardic Jewish family…the fourth of seven children of Moses Lazarus, a wealthy Jewish merchant and sugar refiner and Esther Nathan. One of her great-grandfathers on the Lazarus side was from Germany; the rest of her Lazarus and Nathan ancestors were originally from Portugal and resident in New York long before the American Revolution, being among the original twenty-three Portuguese Jews who arrived in New Amsterdam fleeing the Inquisition from their settlement of Recife, Brazil.  Lazarus’s great-great-grandmother on her mother’s side, Grace Seixas Nathan (born in New York in 1752) was also a poet.  Lazarus was related through her mother to Benjamin N. Cardozo, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

    She was a friend and admirer of the American political economist Henry George. She believed deeply in Georgist economic reforms and became active in the “single tax” movement for land value tax…An important forerunner of the Zionist movement, Lazarus argued for the creation of a Jewish homeland thirteen years before Theodor Herzl began to use the term “Zionism”.

    I memorized the poem as a kid, but never knew anything about her.

    She wrote it in 1883 and it went on the statue in 1903.

    This was the robber baron era.  Haymarket was 1886.

    The ‘Long depression” years:

    Not to mention the colonization of the globe:  This was the year France invaded indochina, starting the collective ‘vietnam/indochina wars’ that lasted into the present times.  Also the era of the boer war and the division of africa.

    This is why so many workers were needed in 1883:

    Cartoon showing Cyrus Field, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Russell Sage, seated on bags of “millions”, on large heavy raft being carried by workers.

    File:The protectors of our industries.jpg
    Created: 6 February 1883
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    They are using the “public charge” clause in the Immigration and Nationality Act. That clause gives the government the right to deny entry into the United States if that person will be primarily dependent on the government services for an extended period of time. This isn’t a new thing. It was part of the law passed in 1965. For example, if you are an immigrant that would require public-funded healthcare for your entire life and not able to work, your chances of admittance was very low. The idea of immigration was that you’d come to America, work hard, and provide a life for yourself. That would then in turn benefit the economy and society. It’s not meant to come here and live off the taxpayers your whole life. And many countries have the same rules. In fact, in some countries you can’t even get a visa if you can’t prove you have insurance.

    And healthcare is usually what this issue is about. Because extended healthcare is what’s extremely expensive to provide.

    What Trump is doing here is expanding that “public charge” definition to include things like food stamps and public housing assistance for extended periods.

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      So they can’t earn enough to feed their families because the pay scale for unskilled and even some skilled jobs sucks so bad.

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      IMO this is more about changing a historical plaque on a monument given to us by the French in gratitude so Trump can avoid the embarrassment he should have. Law or no law that plaque doesn’t need to be removed and replaced with an altered one. I suppose the original will go into the historical museum they have there.  What immigrant comes here and rushes to the SOL for a visit anyway? Immigrants do not enter the US through Ellis Island anymore.

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    He is just pandering to the conservative, nativist base, as usual.

    When conservatives and neoliberals wanted to cut welfare benefits, what did they do first? They certainly did not talk about the fact that most recipients were people like you and me who had simply fallen on hard times due to sickness, layoffs, the death of a spouse or parent, and needed help during a tough time. When we thought welfare benefitted our neighbor and maybe us one day, there was support for it.

    No, they focused their campaign on stories about ‘welfare queens’, ‘Cadillac moms’ and other ‘cheaters’ and ‘lazy bums’. After endless stories in the MSM and RW media, welfare came increasingly to be associated with helping undeserving people. At that point, ‘welfare reform’ became much easier to enact.

    We have known for a long time that this administration wants to cut legal immigration. (That’s why Stephen Miller has a job after all.) With this ‘adjustment’ to the message on the Statue of Liberty, conservatives are merely using the same welfare playbook on legal immigrants. If the right can get enough stories into the media linking immigrants with welfare and other ‘public benefits’, they hope to recreate an ‘immigration reform’ patterned after their ‘welfare reform’ success.

    Immigrants have to follow the same laws that the rest of us do. Can we save some money by denying them the benefits the rest  of us can receive when some of them fall on hard times (sickness, layoffs, etc.)? Sure. Conservatives would have us watch them get sicker and die (hopefully without spreading any contagious disease of course) or go homeless and slowly starve to death to save a few bucks.

    No thank you. The vast majority of immigrants are good people who do not come here to ‘milk the system’ as conservatives would like for us to believe.

    National problems (slavery/racism, income inequality, pathetic health care, weak unions) are not solved with more states' rights. Global problems (climate change, migration, trade, war) are not solved with more national sovereignty.

    A CEO, an American worker and an immigrant sit at a table with a dozen cookies in front of them. The CEO grabs 11 of them, then leans over and warns the worker, "Watch out for the immigrant. He is trying to get your cookie."

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