Trump Plan to Privatize Medicare Is Alive and Well

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      Seniors and their loved ones may be alarmed to learn that there is an insidious, but largely unpublicized effort underway to gradually privatize Medicare. According to media reports, some traditional Medicare patients are now being placed in for-profit managed care plans without even knowing, thanks to a Trump administration policy that is still in effect. Under this pilot program, called “Direct Contracting,” private companies are supervising selected Medicare patients’ care, even though the beneficiaries signed up for traditional Medicare.

      Up to now, traditional Medicare has been administered exclusively by the government, with no profit motive – unlike the Medicare Advantage program, which is run by private, corporate interests. The Direct Contracting model is a serious, but lesser-known move toward privatizing the entire Medicare program – something the majority of the public and seniors’ advocates fiercely oppose. With good reason.

      Worse yet, the Direct Contractors needn’t have any experience in the health care field. Venture capital and private equity firms (some with ties to former Trump administration officials) are among the corporate concerns “who are lined up like pigs at the trough to get their hands on taxpayer dollars,” according to Helaine Olen of The Washington Post. In fact, Congress has no oversight authority over the selection of direct contractors in the pilot program.

      “This should be a huge red flag for taxpayers and anyone concerned about funding Medicare for future generations,” says Rep. Japyal, who sits on the House Budget Committee. Privatized plans generally cost the Medicare program more money and can erect barriers to proper care, in the form of higher out-of-pocket costs, denied claims, and limited networks of health care providers. In other words, patients suffer while the private plans make billions.

      Email Xavier Becerra to object to this

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      Joe Biden. It’s his plan now, just like destruction of the Post Office.

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      And yes, there are 53 health “care” companies signed up for this year; they get a fixed amount per person, they get to keep whatever they do not spend, and it looks like they will start by not making many referrals to specialists, and keep everything in charge of the primary doctor who will just ether down-play or try and address problems as cheaply as possible.  I looked at some insurance websites; they are fucking ecstatic.  This has been addressed here at JPR already.

      Yeah – elections have consequences – but it seems that ALL elections now have bad consequences, not just the ones where the “enemy” wins.  Two wings of the same bird.  We can no longer work “within the system”  – the system is grinding us up no matter who is nominally “in charge”.  IMO.

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      A YouTube comment – we need new conspiracy theories – the old ones have all come true.

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