Trump puts a $15m bounty on head of ‘narcoterrorist’ Nicolás Maduro

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    President Maduro of Venezuela was labelled a narcoterrorist by the United States yesterday as Washington put a $15 million bounty up for his arrest or capture.

    More than a dozen other senior figures in the regime, which the US does not recognise, were indicted on charges including money laundering and drug-trafficking in an alleged conspiracy with Colombian rebels to “flood the United States with cocaine”.

    The charges were unsealed after investigations lasting several years into Mr Maduro, 57, and his inner circle.

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    Let us hope that Maduro returns the favor.

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    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if trump were invested in the drug trade, one way or another

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    If there were no sanctions, there would be no incentive to do this, if in fact Maduro’s government actually did. I admit I am skeptical as to this Trumpian claim. After all, it’s the CIA that has a long history of dealing with narcotics gangs, not leftist Latin American governments.

    When I was in the Navy we had Coast Guard people aboard every once in awhile. They always said the Cuban Navy helped them out on drug interdiction more than anyone else.

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