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    Trump unites GOP as Democrats bicker

    (CNN)If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency last year, Tom Perez, the freshly elected Democratic National Committee chair, might well be entering his second month running her Justice Department.

    Instead, Perez was welcomed into his new job on Saturday by jeering progressive activists, who for the second time in a year, saw their preferred pick to lead the party defeated after a protracted and unexpectedly feisty campaign. Supporters of Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the choice of Sen. Bernie Sanders, painted Perez’s election as another victory for an establishment they blame for ceding the White House to Donald Trump by alienating young and working class voters.

    Ellison supporters yelling over Brazile, chanting “Not big money, party for the people” pic.twitter.com/Z9Mh8VIWnr

    — Greg Krieg (@GregJKrieg) February 25, 2017

    Minutes after the results were announced — Perez prevailed on a second ballot after falling one vote short on the first — the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Adam Green, a vocal Ellison backer, leaned back and ruminated on the contentious scene.


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