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    Trumped by the CIA

    by John Rohn Hall / February 15th, 2017

    While the basket of delighted deplorables dances in the streets, celebrating its right wing populist victory, and Clinton’s liberal legions still lament the unlikely, unexpected, unacceptable coronation of President Donald Trump, I’ve worn a raw, bloody hole in my scalp, scratching my head in wonder.  Trump seemed to come out of nowhere.  He made mincemeat out of his Republican rivals, then proceeded to make serial war criminal Hillary look like someone I wouldn’t trust to wash my car, let alone lead my country for the next four years.  Come to think of it, Hillary did that all on her own.

    Trump’s election upset was astounding.  How could it happen?  He insulted the Mainstream Media time and time again, pointing fingers, accusing national news networks of being lairs for liars.  Takes one to know one, as they say.  He’s been constantly at odds with the so-called Intelligence Community, and especially the CIA.  Every single network news numbskull appeared to be pro-Clinton/anti-Trump, but during the seemingly endless campaign, every time I turned on my television set, there was The Donald, spewing caustic four-word sentences, gesturing as excitedly as a chimpanzee in a Chiquita Banana Warehouse, and making up new facts along the way.  The winner of the 2016 Presidential Election was the biggest surprise of this century.  Almost nobody saw this one coming.  Or did they?

    ‘Tis a puzzlement.  Why would Trump pick a fight with the CIA?  Did he sleep through the assassination of the last U.S. President who tried that?  The world’s biggest organized crime syndicate has only become much more powerful, surreptitious, and deadly since the snuffing of J.F.K.  As Douglas Valentine tells us in The CIA as Organized Crime:  “…a cult of death rules America, and is hell-bent on world domination.”

    So let me get this straight:  The American so-called Intelligence Community, and especially the CIA, wanted Hillary.  By extension and very obviously, Wall Street wanted Hillary.  Even many stalwart Republican neo-cons were rooting from Hillary’s peanut gallery.  There hasn’t been a legitimate presidential election in the USA at least since easily manipulatable electronics took over at the turn of this century.  The CIA has proven itself capable of bribery at the highest levels of government, both at home and abroad, assassination, fomentation of revolutions and coup d’etats, control of mainstream media content in all its forms throughout most of the world, creating chaos, and doing whatever is necessary to put all of earth’s resources squarely into the hands of the Shadow Government/Wall Street, for whom it works.  The CIA has a history of very capably managing, controlling, and handsomely profiteering from the codependent illegal drug and arms smuggling industries.  The CIA kills everyone and anything that gets in its way.  It is the most powerful criminal organization on earth, employs the most talented minds in the world of cyberspace, yet it somehow allowed Trump to win the presidential election, and even with a three million vote deficit?  This just doesn’t add up.  Or does it?


    Full article:  http://dissidentvoice.org/2017/02/trumped-by-the-cia/

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    1. Boy!Polly, you're on a roll.

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    3. The Deep State Targets Trump

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    February 17, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – When Gen. Michael Flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser, Bill Kristol purred his satisfaction, “If it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”

    To Kristol, the permanent regime, not the elected president and his government, is the real defender and rightful repository of our liberties.

    Yet it was this regime, the deep state, that carried out what Eli Lake of Bloomberg calls “The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn.”

    And what were Flynn’s offenses?

    – See more at: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46475.htm#sthash.KbpjrmuH.dpuf