Trump’s EPA is about to give a big gift to the coal industry

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      Published 1 min ago on January 29, 2020
      By Sarah Okeson, DCReport @ RawStory- Commentary

      Trump’s EPA administrator wants to redraw our nation’s mercury standard to benefit coal-fired power plants that belch out nearly half the nation’s mercury emissions. But the agency’s Science Advisory Board is balking.

      The board, headed by Trump administration appointee Michael Honeycutt who previously opposed tougher mercury standards, told the EPA it needed to look again at how much mercury people get from fish and the harm from mercury.

      “EPA should instigate a new risk assessment,” the board wrote.

      Under former President Barack Obama, the EPA only looked at IQ losses in children born to mothers who ate freshwater fish caught by amateur anglers from lakes where the EPA had information on fish tissue. This excluded most of the fish eaten in our country, much of it imported or fish from the ocean.

      “It’s absolutely incorrect,” said Elsie Sunderland, a professor of environmental science and engineering at Harvard.


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