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    Trump's Error in Relying on Carbon-Based Economy

    For more on Trump’s efforts to destroy the environment, read here.


    Prior to the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide stood at roughly 280 ppm. Since then, human activities have committed a massive amount of carbon pollution to the atmosphere. It has driven carbon dioxide levels to record highs year after year.
    Last year marked a milestone, with levels passing the 400 ppm mark permanently. This year scientists expect carbon dioxide to briefly reach 410 ppm this spring before the seasonal cycle of northern plant growth brings it back down a bit, continuing the ever-rising seesaw.

    The rapid rise of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has caused the planet to warm roughly 1.8°F since the start of the Industrial Revolution. The world has had back-to-back-to-back hottest years on record since 2014. The corresponding heat has also caused glaciers to melt, seas to rise and altered atmospheric circulation patterns around the globe.

    The announcement of a fastest two-year carbon dioxide rise in history comes the day after Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said he doesn’t think carbon dioxide is the main driver of climate change, a false claim. Decades of research have shown that human carbon pollution is the biggest driver of climate change, and its impact on the climate are becoming harder to deny everyday.


    Regaining and sustaining a healthy environment should be our top priority.

    Trump is a total failure on this issue. 

    History will judge him on how he deals with the environment, not on how many jobs he “creates” by eliminating regulations that protect the environment.


    Secretary of Defense James Mattis has asserted that climate change is real, and a threat to American interests abroad and the Pentagon’s assets everywhere, a position that appears at odds with the views of the president who appointed him and many in the administration in which he serves.

    In unpublished written testimony provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January, Mattis said it was incumbent on the U.S. military to consider how changes like open-water routes in the thawing Arctic and drought in global trouble spots can pose challenges for troops and defense planners. He also stressed this is a real-time issue, not some distant what-if.

    “Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” Mattis said in written answers to questions posed after the public hearing by Democratic members of the committee. “It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”

    Mattis has long espoused the position that the armed forces, for a host of reasons, need to cut dependence on fossil fuels and explore renewable energy where it makes sense. He had also, as commander of the U.S. Joint Forces Command in 2010, signed off on the Joint Operating Environment, which lists climate change as one of the security threats the military expected to confront over the next 25 years.



    There is no human life anywhere without an environment compatible with human life.

    Our lives and those of our children and grandchildren depend on saving our environment.

    Trump lives in the same house as his grandchildren.  How can he on the one hand conduct an environmental policy that endangers their futures and on the other look them and their parents in the face?

    How can any person be so calloused?

    Sorry to offend those who hate bold and all caps, but this is THE ISSUE.  Everything else is secondary at best.

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    1. And record lows

    In Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. Now one season doesn’t prove anything, but the trend stinks. And this admin is going to hit the “gas”, pun intended.

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    2. What kind of a time line will put Jimmy Dore in a bunker?

    Draft Bernie for a People's Movement against Fascism.