Trump's Racist Demagoguery Only Works, Says Sanders, Because Too Many Americans Feel Establishment Has 'Failed Them'

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      In a video the Times released containing an abridged version of the exchange, Sanders describes how Trump exploited the state of despair many Americans have fallen into over recent decades to convince voters that undocumented immigrants were to blame for unemployment, drug addiction, and economic struggles in many U.S. communities.

      “When that condition arises, whether it was the 1930s in Germany, then people are susceptible to the blame game,” said Sanders. “To say that it is the undocumented people in this country who are the cause of all of our problems, and if we just throw 10 million people out of the country, you’re going to have a good job, and you’re going to have good health care, and you have good education, that’s all we got to do… Trump didn’t invent demagoguery. It’s an age-old weapon used by demagogues… And you take the despair and the anger and the frustration that people are feeling and you say, ‘That’s the cause of your problem.'”

      As Common Dreams has reported, life expectancy in the U.S. is shorter for people who are not wealthy. Young adults today are less likely than their parents’ generation to afford home ownership, and nearly 80% percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck without the ability to save up for an emergency.

      “Bernie Sanders teaches Demagoguery and Fascism 101 to a very skeptical New York Times editorial board,” wrote Columbia University neuroscience professor Ken Miller. “The looks of disdain as Bernie simply and lucidly explains are priceless.”

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      Racist demagoguery works, when it works, because the people it targets have been taught to be racists from their earliest years, from their immediate and surrounding culture – such that their racism is a normal condition and not considered ‘racism’, or to exist at all.   Given that these conditions exist, racist demagoguery can still only work on a population that hasn’t been taught how to reflect, reason things through with sound reasoning tools, and how to attempt to be objective in their reflections.

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      Trump is playing his race card.  Just like Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and Reagan’s “Welfare Queens”  successfully did.   Convincing whites that their special.  Harder working, more patriotic, more civilized than other humans but they’re in danger because the non-Aryans want to take over and spoil their paradise.

      It goes back all the way to the founders who decided that “All men are created equal” except for non-whites.

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      From the non-copyrighted article:

      “Do I think we can win some of those people? Yeah, I do,” Sanders added. “And I think we’re going to win because we are going to run a campaign of energy and excitement, which speaks to truths in people’s lives, which the political establishment does not often talk about.”

      Those people meaning some of those people who voted for Trump, and there is strong evidence that says this is already happening. Bernie Sanders has received more individual donations to his campaign from every single county in the country that voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016 than any other candidate.

      They didn’t vote for Hillary. They won’t vote for Biden or Warren or Buttigieg or Klobuchar. They will vote for Bernie.

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      I was talking about conditions where racist demagoguery works, not about denying any conditions however widespread including exceptions that lead to individuals becoming outright explicit tiki-torch brandishing racists.

      Trump is a white nationalist racist, recognized world over as leader of a white nationalist movement, however notoriously undefined.  That fact can’t be denied.   So it presents a big problem, for those who see that kind of thing as a problem.

      I mentioned wide conditions that seem to me to prevail when racist nationalism is in the ascendant.  I didn’t mention exceptions, or in any way state an exclusionary view.  I mean, ffs Ohio, give me a break.

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