Trump's Reelection Strategy: Pit Workers Against Democrats

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      Judi Lynn
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      Published on
      Monday, April 20, 2020
      by People’s Action Blog

      Will blaming the Democrats for economic hardship caused by the pandemic that he himself mishandled help Trump again squeak out a narrow electoral college victory?

      byMiles Mogulescu

      The politics of the pandemic is about to get nasty and divisive. And Trump thrives on the politics of nastiness and division.

      Chants of “lock her up” will likely be replaced by chants of “open it up.” And unless Democrats develop a clear counterstrategy, this strategy – egged on by rightwing media and Trump’s daily press briefings – could increase Trump’s reelection chances.

      Trump may try to outflank Democrats from the left. That’s because the economic consequences of the pandemic – and the necessary lockdowns – fall most heavily on the working class and poor. And while his real agenda is to protect corporate profits, Trump and his Republican allies are urging a premature reopening of the economy, under the pretense that it will protect those most vulnerable Americans, who are increasingly unable to pay for basic necessities like housing, food, and health care.

      Right now, working people in the United States face the agonizing choice of going to jobs, if they still have jobs, or becoming destitute. This choice is most acute for frontline health workers, and all those whose work is essential to our survival: farm and food workers, delivery, sanitation, mass transit and public safety workers.


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