Trump’s suburban collapse costs him in Nebraska

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      (Politico) Over the past half-century, Nebraska has only once delivered one of its electoral votes to a Democratic presidential nominee. Barring a turnaround, this year will mark the second time.

      The state is one of just two in the nation — the other is Maine — that awards Electoral College votes by congressional district. In this reddest of red states, Donald Trump is on a trajectory to lose one of them.

      In the 2nd District, which includes largely Democratic Omaha and its largely Republican suburbs, the president is running 6 or 7 percentage points behind Joe Biden, according to public and private polling.

      It’s a case study of his collapse in the suburbs, an example of how the president’s alienation of a traditional Republican constituency is proving costly to his reelection campaign — and how his increasingly desperate last-minute appeals to suburbanites are going unheeded.

      Full story here.

      Any JPRers in Nebraska, and Omaha in particular? I’d love to hear the perspective of someone who lives in the area. 

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      more and more like the ‘Reagan Revolution’ from 40 years ago. Both candidates essentially slept through their election, and term. Their minions performed the deceiving work of power grabbing, while the President woke up occasionally to relate phrases like: “In my mind…” or “How I remember it happening…”

      This time we better have Bernie and the Squad watching Biden’s every step across the rivers of power, and placing stones where they can to avoid the traps from the PTB. Maybe his senility can work in our advantage.

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