Trump's Trade War Is Killing American Manufacturing

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      Small midwestern companies are being forced to pursue moving to Mexico to avoid tariffs levied in President Donald Trump’s trade war, according to reports.

      EBW Electronics and Bilco Products are just two of the businesses in the western part of Michigan mulling moves to Mexico amid Trump’s trade war that has jacked up the price of Mexican and Chinese made products used to conduct daily operations, according to a Sunday New York Times report.

      Despite the president’s repeated attempts to paint the U.S. as a victim in the global economy, U.S. factories that have long purchased steel and aluminum from other countries are struggling to pay the extra costs of Trump’s high tariffs on these products.

      Trump has imposed 25 percent tariffs on imports of steel and 10 percent tariffs on aluminum as weapons in a voluntary trade war that he has chosen to provoke, apparently based on popular misconceptions about international trade that propagate online, particularly among the far-right. And now businesses like EBW Electronics are considering moves to Mexico as they struggle to pass these new costs onto customers.


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      One by one, companies are coming out of the woodwork blaming tariffs for their decision to offshore. It’s perfect cover for what they would want to, and would do, anyway. Not that Trump, or 9 out of 10 pols would give a good god d*mn one way or the other.

      If you ask me, the tariffs don’t go far enough.

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        I haven’t done enough investigation of tariffs myself to feel comfortable coming down on one side or the other on those recently levied, but it is an incredibly stupid country indeed that allows manufacturing of critical items to be offshored.  Those things critical to the infrastructure and subsistence of the country should be made there, IE distribution transformers and, yes, even steel.

        One possible approach to discouraging companies from sending jobs to another country using as justification the increased cost of imported materials due to tariffs – Apply an even greater percentage tariff based on the value of their end product when they try to import them.

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      Trump is the symptom of the problem! The thing that killed manufacturing  are the clintons and their NAFTA, yeah the same ones that we feel are the lesser of evils. But I do like the narrative that all problems begin and end with Trump giving neoliberals a free pass.


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      The sad part is that some people actually believe he’s doing it in their interest.

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      FDR rejected higher tariffs, empowered unions, strengthened the safety net, supported international agreements and organizations, raised taxes on the rich, increased trade, regulated corporations, etc.

      Manufacturing thrived under FDR. Trumponomics is opposed to everything that FDR did.

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