Tulsi Gabbard has zero possibility of getting the Democratic party nomination for POTUS.

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    If she remains in the race for the Democratic party nomination for POTUS until the Democratic convention, there is a strong possibility that she will siphon many primary votes off from Bernie, resulting in Biden getting the Democratic party nomination for candidate for POTUS.

    This perfect storm spoiler scenario would very likely result in Trump getting re-elected.

    Just sayin’.

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    NV Wino
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    Tulsi is an important voice  and needs to be heard.  Just sayin’.

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    I don’t think so. Tulsi Gabbard won’t have any impact in the caucus states, except maybe to ultimately give some votes to Bernie when she can’t make 15% in any precinct, and she won’t get more than a percentage point or two in any primary.

    As far as the primary is concerned, she’s insignificant. I wouldn’t worry about her being any kind of spoiler.

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    If we are worried about siphoned votes, warren is a much greater threat. Plus, Tulsi is a great voice against regime change wars. Ask yourself, who is attacked most by msm? Those are the folks we should support.

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    I don’t think that Tulsi Gabbard would ever allow that to happen. She quit the DNC in support of Bernie Sanders. Her appeal (grounded in a foreign policy of peacemaking) reaches those that Bernie has trouble attracting, drawing voters away from Biden. Not to mention the cross-over voters she attracts. She would be adding to the number of Democratic voters. It’s doubtful that her voters would be siphoned away from Bernie, 70%+ who are committed.

    I predict that Bernie and Tulsi will reconcile before the convention votes to avoid your projected scenario.

    Besides, I doubt Joe Biden will last until the convention.

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    game meat
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    No, just because she won’t win the nomination doesn’t mean she’s a spoiler or that she should go away.

    She’s an important voice on a number of issues, and the primary is better off having her than not. And I say that as someone who will definitely vote for Sanders.

    For someone who’s apparently so insignificant there sure seems to be a lot of people putting in a lot effort into discrediting her all of a sudden.

    If there was ever a good reason to break with Tulsi, it would have been when she revealed her weak sauce healthcare plan, not the part she played in the Democrats’ impeachment production, but the latter seems to be what did it…


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      @gamemeat Tulsi lost me when she came out with her bullshit health plan. Nothing else she’s said or done since then has mattered nearly as much.

      We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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    Mr. Mickeys Mom
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    It’s a better strategy heading into the primary season that collaborative work be discussed on the issue of regime change wars, and Tulsi is the ultimate truth source on that issue. For the sake of the ignorant baby Trump’s campaign, I don’t fear what is happening with Tulsi Gabbard. I would rather keep the military budget and hegemony in full discussion, because it’s causing massive refugees and worsening our climate crisis. I see that it’s more important to push these issues front and center, so I say, carry on, Tulsi.

    Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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    Tulsi is pushing by far the most important issue related to a US president: US foreign policy and war, which is an often ignored issue in election cycles. There is nothing worse than war.

    She is trying to make it politically incorrect to support war. For that, she deserves praise for staying in this race.

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    Tulsi has enough spine to give Hillary a verbal beatdown. It made her relatively unelectable because of the acute focus of responding establishment ire, but it sure makes me feel good when truth tellers have a stage to tell it like it is. Further, Tulsi’s foreign policy vision is drawing a lot of establishment angst. If she was a “nobody of consequence”, Hillary wouldn’t have openly lied about Tulsi being a “Russian asset” with all of the Clinton minions grasping at logical fallacies and rationalizations in trying to walk that ill advised statement back the following week.

    Tulsi also may have single handedly destroyed the Kamala Harris campaign on the debate stage and forced into Kamala’s place instead, the Gaffe machine Biden into the role of establishment front runner. Because of that, I argue that she helped Bernie’s campaign.

    Anyone that can make Hillary put her foot in her mouth is alright by me.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      @mick063 I think Tulsi did us all a favor when she single-handedly destroyed Kamala Harris, because I think Kamala was the Chosen One of the Obamabots, the perfect identity politics candidate. An attractive, articulate black woman whose career demonstrated she posed no threat to the status quo. A candidate with a built-in ID politics defense that anyone who criticized her was both a racist and a misogynist.

      The worst of the worst Vichy Dems on SV were all in for Kamala early on, and stayed with her until her poll numbers irrevocably tanked. That tells me something as well, for those people bragged about being delegates for Hillary in 2016.

      Tulsi sank Kamala and interjected foreign policy into the Democratic primary debate. Both are invaluable services, and I am grateful to Tulsi for providing them when she did.

      We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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    David the Gnome
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    Right… and Bush won because of Darth Nader, Stein siphoned votes away from the Queen…

    I dont think she has much chance of winning – and I very much prefer Bernie.  She isnt hurting anything by staying in though.  A vote for Gabbard is a vote for Gabbard, not a vote somehow siphoned away from Sanders.

    I’ve read all of this stuff before.  It’s still wrong.

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    I support Tulsi as long as she wants to run but I’m voting for Bernie in the primary. Warren is the one you have to worry about. But I’m not blue vs red but humanity against the corporate military state. This most likely will be my last Democratic Party primary. I’m going out guns blazing. Have a great day.

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    I don’t see any problem with Bernie’s eventual Secretary of State staying in the race until (in the words of Hillary) the anniversary of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination.  She needs more face time with the  American public to get her anti regime change message out.

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    Jan Boehmermann
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    Come on!  Tulsi is not trying to undermine Bernie.  She’s addressing subjects that Bernie dare not touch.  She’s drawing FLAK away from him.

    If Bernie get’s the nomination, it’ll be thanks to folks like Tulsi and Mike Gravel and others.

    As @mick063 and @ohiobarbarian stated above….. Tulsi single-handedly destroyed Kamala Harris!

    When you’re shitting on Tulsi, you’re shitting on someone who is covering Bernie’s butt!

    I think @lownslow  @doh1304 and others agree with me.  If NOT, let me know!

    @ravensong with all due respect, I think you’re wrong about this.

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    If anyone is only in the race to siphon votes away from Bernie it is Warren, and that is demographic, not direct. What is Bernie’s base? The working class, young, multiracial left. Warren’s base? The old, upper middle class white social liberal capitalist call-themselves-left. (Hillary’s base) Really they are two completely different groups, but Warren’s base is a group that Bernie will probably need to win in the primaries. (Warren’s supporters will – they have – voted Republican when it matters, they cannot be trusted even with Trump) Tulsi’s base is disaffected independents – a demographic that Bernie will need in the general but will not have any effect in the primaries, and Tulsi (and her people) will definitely support Bernie in the general. What she does in the primaries won’t matter. If she bowed out Bernie would gain 2 or 3 points. Warren leaving would add at least 12% to Bernie’s poll numbers. She is the Pied Piper.

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    this is exactly like the argument that Trump won because Sanders didn’t drop out after he was “numerically eliminated” in spring

    https://berniesanders.com/ https://www.tulsi2020.com/

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    Tulsi has too little support to affect the outcome, one way or the other.

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    The Red Menace
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    Agreed, she has no chance of becoming the nominee. But then neither did Mike Gravel and I absolutely wanted him to make it to the debates.

    in 2004, neither Kucinich nor Dean had a rat’s ass chance of getting there… but they were still saying important things. (and looking at him now, we probably dodged a bullet with dean, but hey, at the time he was on the right page.)

    Sanders stood no chance of being the nominee in 2016 – sorry everyone, it’s true, we all know it’s true, even without fuckery, we were in the minority – but that doesn’t mean his effort wasn’t important. Look where we are now!

    So no. Tulsi isn’t going to be the nominee. She’s not even going to break 4% the first two primaries though, so stop being a worrywart over her “costing Sanders votes.” She’s ultimately going to have the opposite effect, by being a separate voice drawing attention to the same issues, in a different style, by offing the competition, and then, I have to imagine, ultimately passing her gains on to sanders with an endorsement when she fails to place meaningfully in the primaries (if she even makes it THAT far).

    I get that you’re really mad that unlike the “real Democrats” Golden, Van Drew, and Peterson, she didn’t give you the satisfaction of a “no” vote on impeachment, Ravensong. But this is pretty silly.

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    Joe will be taken out by his and his son’s Ukraine dealings, and his incoherence.

    Liz is not a progressive as progressives are understanding.

    Bernie will win and choose Tulsi as a running mate.

    You may not like that, but I will!

    Tulsi will pull in Independents, as Bernie will, but she’ll also win Libertarian support from her anti-war stance, and even bring in some Republicans.

    It’s a winning ticket.

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    Some people here aren’t worthy of breathing the same air as Tulsi.  Just sayin’.


    I hope Bernie chooses her as his running mate.

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    I think what Tulsi has to say is important  and I want to hear more from her.

    Bernie Sanders 2020

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    One of the more truthful voices in the American political arena. While I don’t think she has a chance to win the nomination, I do think she will be a useful friend and supporter in a Sanders administration and is not without a chance for the Secretary of State role or, for that matter, Secretary of Defence.

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    I guess, I don’t mind if people keep on the running without any possibility of winning.  As much as I dislike Kamala, I would not begrudge her keeping in the race, plugging along without a chance.  In fact, I wanted Ojeda in the debates.  That guy had no chance at all, and probably would not have qualified in much, but I wanted him there, just because he had a message as well.  His message was about well-paying jobs.

    Tulsi also has a message on Foreign Wars.  I find it important.

    I disagree with her on her approach to Health Care, but it seems that she has not changed her stance on this, since her wording has been the same since the beginning of the year.  In this instance, I was the one who was remiss in figuring it out.  It is not a deal breaker for me, since she has been pretty consistent with that, and everything else.  Another matter of import is that she has not been taking corporate donors.

    Honestly though, all that is besides the point.  Point being, I reiterate that I will not begrudge any one from running if they wish to do so.  It is the candidate themselves who should work to get voters to vote for them.

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