Tulsi is in. Now the attacks begin

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      Thom Paine
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      With Sen Warren and Sen Sanders taking all the Corp-Media hits, maybe now Tulsi will help spread out the attacks.

      Anyone familiar with Jacobin as a source?  Looks like the first attack on Tulsi.


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      The Corporate Dems are starting to sound desperate and pathetic. I think they know with the changing of generations – their days are numbered.

      People want equality, both parties PTB are totally against equality and love the status quo at all costs.


      Forcing people to work without pay is akin to slavery.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Jacobin is a genuine leftist publication to which I subscribe, and all of their concerns are genuine. They do have their facts straight as far as I can tell.

      Still, most of those facts are old, and people really do change their political views over time. As for bashing her for being opposed to military intervention because she values American lives over foreign ones, well, I think that’s spurious, even silly. Very purist of them. If someone in anti-interventionist, then I agree with them on that subject. If I can agree with the Pauls on it, I can certainly agree with Gabbard on it.

      Never let your morals stop you from doing the right thing.--Isaac Asimov

      The United States is also a one-party state but, with typical American extravagance, they have two of them.--Julius Nyerere

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      A respected friend sent me the Jacobin article. It is well reasoned and well presented, but essentially a hit piece. Tulsi’s past is problematic – I’m not as willing to cut her slack as I am Bernie, but I see fewer red flags and hear fewer klaxons than I did with Obama. The army is like going to college in an important way – many people suddenly discover what the real world is like and give up their childhood indoctrinations. Tulsi’s foxhole conversion story is believable, and her acceptance of drones and SEAL teams is defensible. (Well, at least if you accept that “terrorism” can only be addressed with violence. The Jacobin’s criticism is simplistic and outdated. Maybe responding to “radical Islam” by eliminating poverty would have worked in 1950, but now religious insanity has taken hold.)

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      Tulsi has been taking hits from the corporate media as well. Especially the last few weeks.

      Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of People walking on it. - RFK

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