Tulsi is the goat this week.

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      The media always need a goat, someone they can blame for things in general, someone about whom they can write articles of ridicule. It’s Tulsi Gabbard right now, because of her “present” vote on the articles of impeachment.


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      Babel 17
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      As never President Hillary Clinton can attest to, the polls that matter are in the swing states, with swing voters. Gabbard is already showing signs of having been prescient with her stances against The Forever War, The Saudi government, and now the wisdom of this whole impeachment process.

      But maybe it did/does have to play out, so as to reconcile everybody to what is what with how the electorate will vote on election day. It’s no coincidence, imo, that Bernie no longer has Russia! as a substantial part of his stump speeches, he’s come out much bigger against The Forever War, and as a result his debate performance was better, and he’s also rising in the polls.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      There sure are a lot of dumb asses and “has beens” talking shit about Tulsi!

      Frankly, I don’t think Tulsi gives a shit about what they say!


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      And that pig from Missouri, loser ex-senator McAsshole called her stupid.   Tulsi doesn’t care what people like McAsshole think of her.

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      Of course, some places GOAT is the Greatest of All Time . . .

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      All polls I’ve seen only cover registered Democrats. Considering Tulsi’s appeal to the cross-over vote, and America’s desire to dump the Trump, this Goat has a great shot at winning some of those Primaries that allow unaffiliated voters such as these:

      February 2020
      Sat, Feb 29 South Carolina Democratic primary 54 Open
      March 2020
      Tue, Mar 3 Alabama primary 52 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 Arkansas primary 31 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 Colorado primary 67 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 Minnesota primary 75 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 North Carolina primary 110 Mixed
      Tue, Mar 3 Tennessee primary 64 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 Texas primary 228 Open
      Tue, Mar 3 Virginia primary 99 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 Idaho primary 20 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 Michigan primary 125 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 Mississippi primary 36 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 Missouri primary 68 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 North Dakota Democratic caucuses 14 Open
      Tue, Mar 10 Washington primary 89 Mixed
      Tue, Mar 17 Ohio primary 136 Mixed
      Tue, Mar 24 Georgia primary 105 Open
      Sun, Mar 29 Puerto Rico Democratic primary 51 Open


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        Babel 17
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        I found this to be interesting. If Gabbard wins the votes of these Independents that get referred to, she’ll be showing her worth as an ally. My brother in law and nephew saw her in New Hampshire, and she’s generating a lot of appeal among swing voters. Those voters are also known as the reason why Clinton isn’t President.


        Crucially, the New Hampshire primary is not a “closed primary”, where voter participation is limited by voters’ past or recent party registration. Instead, New Hampshire enables any voter who has been undeclared, or re-registers as undeclared (not registered with any party) to vote in either party’s primary. This seemingly technical distinction can have a significant impact on the outcome of the primary. Candidates who do well in the state are seen as having a strong appeal to independents—who account for as much as 41% of the electorate.[4] A strong performance in New Hampshire is seen as a bellwether for how well a candidate can do in a general election, given their appeal to less partisan voters who sometimes flood that party’s primary, if they want to participate at all. This system is not a fully open primary, because people who are registered with a party (Republican or Democratic) on voting day cannot vote in the other party’s primary.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      Talk about an insignificant subject. Tulsi Gabbard never had a chance of becoming the Democratic nominee, and now she’s made herself irrelevant to the primary process, and the Congress, for that matter.

      She’s not going to win a single delegate to the national convention. To pretend otherwise is nothing more than a fantasy. Of course, I could say the same thing about several other presidential candidates, not just Tulsi. The corporate push for Amy Klobuchar is even sillier than the fixation of some on Tulsi.

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      Babel 17
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      How dared she to be ahead of the curve regarding the public looking askance at the Impeachment that came out of the House! If the polls show a further decline it will her fault, and that of Russia! as well of course.

      Her chances of being the nominee are roughly those that Sanders had in 2016 a month before before endorsing Her! at the convention. She always had a chance, given the shallowness of the field besides Sanders, who couldn’t have been said with certainty to show the energy we’re seeing now, or to be enjoying such good health. Gabbard entered the primary before anyone else, and it’s totally predictable that she’s not yet ready to concede the field, as it’s one where she’s too often alone in insisting on interjecting our endless wars into discussion.

      What should she do, drop out, and allow the lives lost in the Forever War to be further forgotten, and to utterly destroy her chances of being VEEP, or having a part in a Sanders administration. The war mongering establishment is dying to place a giant “L” for loser over Gabbard’s head, and to put their crimes in the rear view mirror. I won’t help them in that, Middle Eastern Lives matter.

      People hate being reminded that a series of war crimes have been committed, and that they bear responsibility. But they must be reminded and those crimes must remain an issue that gets discussed. “Look forward, not back” and “Keeping our powder dry” has just given us more war crimes and more war mongers;  Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Warmongers, being a prime example.

      She’d love to see Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in her rear-view mirror, but to hell with Her. 😉

      Though Clinton might be getting Her hopes us, as Gabbard over the last few days has posted nothing but sentimental holiday themed videos, ones which include her husband.

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